Strategic Priorities

Our Strategic Priorities allow us to remain sharply focused on driving brand growth and delivering long-term value to our stakeholder including our consumers, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities where we do business around the world.

SCALE Our Advantage in Our Core Men's Denim Business

  • Drive industry-leading innovation
  • Elevate demand creation
  • Leverage leading supply chain
  • Continue to grow in high-margin channels

ACCELERATE Positions in High Value Segments, Channels And Geographies

  • Implement a global product engine
  • Increase presence across high ROI digital channels
  • Expand in select geographies

BUILD Advantaged Positions to Reach New Consumers

  • Grow new categories and segments
  • Foster world-class design
  • Maintain consumer focus

DRIVE Unwavering Focus on Margin Expansion and Improving Capital Efficiency

  • Focus on margin accretive opportunities
  • Streamline global operations
  • Implement cost-savings initiatives
  • Efficiently allocate capital

CREATE A Highly Engaged and Performance-Driven Team

  • Cultivate a high-performance culture
  • Activate an ownership mindset
  • Enhance corporate social responsibility

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