For Kontoor Brands, sustainability and responsibility influences everything we do, from how we develop new products, to how we manufacture, source and distribute items, to the energy and resources we use in the process. We are always looking for opportunities to have a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.


Land Stewardship

At Kontoor Brands, our supply chain doesn’t begin with fabric or cotton. It begins with the land itself. Preserving and enhancing the health of soil is critical to ensuring we continually improve the impact of our products on the planet and preserve the livelihood of future generations of people who work the land.

Water Conservation

From the cotton field to consumers' use of our products, water is vital to our business. At Kontoor Brands, it’s our mission to ensure we not only use water responsibly but return clean water back into the communities that depend on it.

Waste Diversion

For Kontoor Brands, reducing waste doesn’t just create savings in our operations, it also reduces the amount of apparel in local landfills. To ensure a continued reduction in waste, our teams across the globe prioritize efficient use of materials and other inputs to help us conserve natural resources and reduce our impact.

Responsible Sourcing

We produce millions of products each year on a global scale and know that with this kind of scale comes a need for transparency and accountability. That’s why responsible sourcing is a foundational element of Kontoor Brands’ supply chain and sourcing strategy. We are committed to appropriately sourcing our apparel and accessories in a way that’s consistently acceptable and is good for people and the planet.

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