Ethics and Compliance

Focused On Accountability, Honesty and Transparency

At Kontoor Brands, we are committed to ensuring that integrity is instilled in every aspect of our business. We take seriously our responsibility to maintain the storied reputation of our brands and to foster an innovative and collaborative culture committed to accountability, honesty and transparency.

Code of Business Conduct

In 2019, our Board of Directors adopted our Code of Business Conduct, which establishes the standards, expectations and business conduct policies for everyone at Kontoor Brands, including our officers and directors. Our Code helps ensure we demonstrate leadership and strong values when interacting with each other, our customers, our business partners and our communities. All employees are expected to read and acknowledge our Code and become familiar with its contents.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our business is conducted in a fair, ethical and legal manner. This includes avoiding bribery, kickbacks and corruption in any form. Our Code of Business Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy give guidance on doing business with integrity and ensuring our associates and business partners adhere to anti-corruption laws in every country where we do business.

Ethics Helpline and Reporting Concerns

At Kontoor Brands, we are committed to fostering dialogue and communication through multiple channels, including our Open Door Policy and our Ethics Helpline. The Helpline is a free, confidential way for anyone to seek guidance, ask a question or raise a concern. It is available in multiple languages in every country where we have employees.

Helpline Availability

Our Ethics Helpline is not only available to Kontoor Brands employees. Anyone who wishes to raise a concern about a potential violation of our Code of Business Conduct or the law can contact the Helpline 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Non-Retaliation Policy

Ensuring that our employees are comfortable speaking up and raising concerns is essential to sustaining our culture of integrity. At Kontoor Brands, we have a strict policy against retaliation toward anyone for making a good-faith report of a potential violation of our Code of Conduct, a company policy or the law or for participating in an investigation.

UK Tax Strategy Statement

At Kontoor Brands, our tax strategy mirrors our company’s commitments to accountability, honesty and transparency. To this end, we strive to foster an open and candid relationship with taxing authorities in the jurisdictions where we do business. Kontoor adheres to the following principles with respect to taxation in the UK.

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