Supply Chain

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We've been designing, manufacturing, sourcing and distributing superior high-quality products for more than 125 years. Our approach to and management of the complexities of a global supply chain provides us with a competitive advantage that enables us to deliver the right products, at the right time to consumers across the globe.

Our skills in sourcing are uniquely complemented by an engineering expertise that's reflected in our owned manufacturing facilities. We leverage this engineering expertise to help develop our sourcing partners in key regions around the world. This helps us responsibly and sustainably source and manufacture the apparel that retailers and consumers expect from our iconic brands.

Supply Chain by the Numbers


Units of Apparel and Accessories Produced Per Year


Owned Manufacturing Facilities

Finding Our Balance

We strive to ensure a balanced global sourcing strategy, which enables us to competitively manage cost, as well as source closer to end markets.

For example, we procure about 38 percent of our production in the Americas, which is more than double the industry average.

38% Americas
41% Bangladesh
18% Other
3% China
2% India
1% Vietnam

Responsible Sourcing

At Kontoor Brands, we own and operate world-class manufacturing sites and contract with more than 200 supplier factories to produce our products. Our commitment to industry-leading manufacturing and sourcing is powered through our Responsible Sourcing program and our steadfast focus on Compliance, Product Safety, Sourcing Strategy and Worker & Community Development.

To ensure social responsibility and environmental sustainability within our complex supply chain, we expect our contract supplier factories to comply with Kontoor Brands’ Terms of Engagement & Global Compliance Principles, which are regularly audited by our internal and third-party auditors. These Principles are brought to life through our Factory Facility Guidelines and Factory Audit Procedures. Our goal is for every supplier factory to operate with the same high standards as our owned manufacturing facilities.

Kontoor Brands’ Vendor Portal provides additional Manuals, Terms and Conditions, Audit Request forms and other Policies and Practices. Accessing this portal requires unique login credentials. To apply for access, please email

Every day, consumers around the world have the opportunity to vote with their dollars by choosing which products they buy and where they buy them from. At Kontoor Brands, we are committed to ensuring each product we make, whether through our owned manufacturing facilities or through our third-party partners, is safe for consumers. Our teams utilize industry best practices, processes and controls to monitor the safety and quality of our products and are continually refining and improving our protocols every day.

We produce millions of products each year on a global scale and know that with this kind of scale comes a need for transparency and accountability. That’s why responsible sourcing is a foundational element of Kontoor Brands’ sourcing and supply chain strategy. We are committed to appropriately sourcing our apparel and accessories in a way that’s consistently acceptable and is good for people and the planet.

As a global lifestyle apparel company that produces and sources more than 164 million units each year, we have a responsibility to ensure that the people who work in roles that support the production of our products are treated fairly and work in safe environments. We work with our contract supplier factories and look for opportunities to deploy programs designed to have positive impacts on the surrounding communities.

Policies and Standards

As a leader within the denim industry, we take our social responsibilities seriously. We are committed to sourcing product and materials from companies that share our values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility.

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Factory List

All factories, including Kontoor Brands-owned and operated and direct sourced Tier 1 and sub-contractor factories used by Kontoor Brands must meet the company’s strict standards and adhere to our Global Compliance Principles. Updated quarterly, this map fluctuates over time to reflect the seasonality of Kontoor Brands’ business and corresponding production.