Good for the People

For almost one hundred thirty years, the Wrangler® and Lee® brands have built a reputation for humility, respect and a commitment to doing the right thing. As Kontoor Brands, a community 14,000 strong, we are dedicated to creating quality apparel that is woven with care, style, and sensitivity to the people who help make our products.

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Our Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

In August 2020 we launched our new Inclusion & Diversity Strategy. We have been putting this strategy into practice through mentorship programs, trainings, a Code of Conduct, and more.

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Where We Work

Kontoor has offices, distribution centers and manufacturing across the globe.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups at Kontoor are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster the diversity of thought, build community and provide support for professional and personal development.

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Kontoor Parents and Caregivers (KPAC)

To support the unique needs of the parents and caregivers who work at Kontoor Brands.

Kontoor Engaging and Empowering Professionals (KEEP)

To be an avenue for Kontoor’s employees to engage in personal and professional development.

Kontoor Network Empowering Women (KNEW)

To help promote inclusivity and equality by providing career and personal development for all.

Discover Kontoor Sustainability Report 2020

Discover our commitments and progress towards the continuous improvement of our sustainability practices.

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Human Rights

Doing the right thing for people means acting in alignment with our values and principles across both our own operations and the supply chain. We require that the people involved in making our products are treated fairly and with dignity and respect and that there is no child labor or forced labor. Our approach covers fair wages, benefits and work hours, worker residence conditions, freedom of association and collective bargaining, and access to communication channels for raising concerns over labor conditions. By leading with integrity, we seek to develop suppliers’ capability in these areas that have an impact on our industry and beyond.

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In 2020, we announced our first global sustainability goals to address the environmental and social impact of our operations, supply chain, products, and people.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize we cannot address major environmental, social, or economic challenges alone, so we collaborate with experts who share our commitment.

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We strive to use responsibly sustainable suppliers, materials and operations for each of the millions of products we produce each year.

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Our longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and compliance unites with a vision of a more sustainable world.

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