Sustainability Governance

Our Approach to Sustainability Governance

We believe good governance is integral to achieving our sustainability goals and driving shareholder value. Sustainability is an enterprise-wide commitment informed by and integrated into our strategic priorities. We focus on People, Planet, and Product – key areas that align with our business strategy and where we can have the greatest potential for impact. Our north star is our Purpose, Mission and Values, which guide the actions of our 14,000 global employees.

Letter from Our CEO

"Our aspiration is to be a sustainability leader – not just based on what we say, but most importantly on what we do. This is hard work. It’s never-ending."

Kontoor Brands is a global lifestyle apparel company built on two of the world’s most iconic consumer brands – Wrangler® and Lee®. And with that standing comes responsibility.

Now with our first full year as a standalone public company behind us, we are pleased to provide a foundational report on our sustainability progress and goals, along with our promise for a continued commitment to providing transparency on our efforts to create a more sustainable business for our people, planet and products.

At the outset, we acknowledge that while we’ve accomplished much in a short period, there is much more work to be done.

To guide us, Kontoor’s approach to sustainable business activities is founded on our commitment to be a purposeful business.

Within that context, we’ve affirmed our commitment to doing business responsibly and sustainably – balancing financial success while striving to meet the needs of the communities we serve and the planet we share.

One of our core values is: We Do the Right Thing. We stand for each other, our consumers, customers, partners, shareholders and the planet. And, we earn the respect of others because we do what’s right even when it is hard. To achieve this, we will invest in sustainable business practices, we will test, we will learn, and we will share our breakthroughs with others so that our discoveries can be replicated and improved upon.

Our aspiration is to be a sustainability leader – not just based on what we say, but most importantly on what we do. This is hard work. It’s never-ending. Through regular reporting, we expect that our words and actions will be aligned and that our work in collaboration with others is making a difference.

We look forward to starting this new journey. Together, we will make the world a better place.

Scott Baxter

President & Chief Executive officer



As a leader within the denim industry, we take social responsibility seriously. We are committed to sourcing products and materials from companies that share our values for human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility. On our Resources page, you will find our sustainability reporting efforts, policies and standards.

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Enterprise Risk Management Council

Enterprise Risk Management Council

Our Enterprise Risk Management Council is organized to identify, evaluate and manage risk topics and issues, in alignment with Kontoor Brands’ business priorities. The Council meets regularly and provides leadership on strategy, financial, operational, compliance and reputational risk.

Quarterly Results

Kontoor Brands publishes financial results on a quarterly basis.

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