At Kontoor Brands, sustainability means the dynamic process of continual improvement for people, for our product and for the planet, enabling shared prosperity for all.

We believe that sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey that results in progress over time, and our strategy and goals provide a strong foundation on which we build our approach and drive our sustainability performance.

At Kontoor, our achievements in sustainable performance represent a company-wide commitment and a continuum of initiatives that we believe will have a lasting impact on our people, our products and our planet.

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Kontoor's sustainability strategy is built on innovation, design and sustainable performance. It underscores our commitment to inspire people to live with passion and confidence.

We are responsible for contributing to a healthier planet and working towards a more equitable society. Simply stated, it is the right thing to do.

Scott Baxter, President, CEO and Board Chair


Sustainability Storytelling

Our Brands

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We Care WranglerTM

Find out more about Wrangler's sustainability plan.

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For A World That Works™

Learn all about Lee's sustainability plan.

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Learn More About Kontoor’s Sustainability Program

Sustainability Governance

We believe good governance is integral to achieving our sustainability goals and shareholder value.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize we cannot address major environmental, social, or economic challenges alone, so we collaborate with experts who share our commitment.

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Our global sustainability goals address the environmental and social impacts of our operations, keep us accountable and help us monitor our progress.

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Our Mission and Purpose

Our purpose, mission, and values serve as our north star, guiding us on our journey to make a positive impact on the world.

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