Our Strategic Vision allows us to remain sharply focused on driving brand growth and delivering long-term value to our stakeholders including our consumers, customers, shareholders, suppliers and the communities where we do business around the world.

Horizon 2: Growth Catalysts

Revenue Growth Vectors of Long-Term KTB Investment Thesis

Enhance/Accelerate the Core

  • Focus on U.S. Wholesale

Category Extensions

  • Focus on Outdoor, Tees, Work

Geographic Expansion

  • Focus on China

Channel Expansion

  • Focus on Digital

Horizon 2: Growth Enablers

Investing in Total Shareholder Return / Growth Enablers

Product & Design

  • Superior product
  • Enhanced global designs driving premiumization & elevated price

Innovation & Sustainability

  • Product
  • Manufacturing
  • Sustainability / ESG

Supply Chain

  • Owned versus Sourced
  • Speed, Scale
  • Proprietary technologies / processes

Talent & Culture

  • Purpose-led
  • Authenticity & Integrity
  • High-Performance
  • Inclusion & Diversity

Demand Creation

  • Highest ROI Investments