Protecting our Planet and our Communities

Our planet’s resources are limited, and the threat of the climate crisis is impacting communities around the world. We’re working to reduce our environmental impacts and protect our planet and communities by working in partnership with others across the value chain.

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Energy and Climate

No corner of the world will be immune to the devasting consequences of the climate crisis. We have made it a priority to power our operations through clean, renewable energy sources:

  • For our owned facilities, we are exploring solar, wind and geothermal projects with the goal to use 100% renewable energy by 2025 and beyond.
  • For those facilities we do not own, we are partnering with our suppliers to offer education and support in their efforts to be more energy efficient.

1 For more detail, please view the 2020 Sustainability Report

Measuring Our Progress

Our energy use and emissions decreased between 2019 and 2020 with COVID-19 shutdowns and retrofits of internal manufacturing facilities as significant drivers of this decrease. We continued to work with our suppliers to track and measure their emissions and energy use via Higg FEM. Five percent of our supplier electricity usage was renewable in 2020.



Water is one of our most vital and precious natural resources. Denim manufacturing typically requires a lot of it. It’s our mission to not only use water responsibly, but also to return it, clean, back into the communities that depend on it.

  • We are aiming to reduce our water consumption to save 10 billion liters of water by 2025 by developing innovative processes and to ensure the water we use is returned clean back into the environment.

"We’re sharing information with other Kontoor-owned facilities to improve their water recycling and to look at what might work under their specific conditions."

-Arturo Nunez, Manager of the wastewater treatment plant in Torreon, Mexico

Our Waste

Excessive waste and improper waste treatment can contaminate and harm the environment, resulting in biodiversity loss and deterioration of habitats. We are on a mission to reduce our waste by recycling, upcycling or downcycling most of the waste to create value. We are constantly exploring new collaborations and innovations to provide practical solutions to unnecessary waste.

  • We have achieved zero-waste at all our owned distribution centers in North America, meaning at least 95 percent of the waste from these facilities will be diverted from landfills through recycling, composting and reuse.


# of Zero Waste DCs


Owned Manufacturing Diversion Rate

Diversion Rates

Owned Manufacturing Distribution Center

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Mocksville, NC 2020 Diversion Rate99%
Luray, VA 2020 Diversion Rate97%
Seminole, OK 2020 Diversion Rate99%
Torreon- Torreon Complex 2020 Diversion Rate54%
El Paso, TX 2020 Diversion Rate93%
Hackleburg, AL 2020 Diversion Rate98%
Torreon- La Rosita 2020 Diversion Rate21%
Mexico City 2020 Diversion Rate100%
Yucatan- Tekax 2020 Diversion Rate52%
Yucatan- Izamal 2020 Diversion Rate11%
Yucatan- Acanceh 2020 Diversion Rate95%
Torreon- San Pedro 2020 Diversion Rate13%
Torreon- Coyote 2020 Diversion Rate20%
Nicaragua 2020 Diversion Rate80%

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Sustainability Governance

We believe good governance is integral to achieving our sustainability goals and shareholder value.

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Stakeholder Engagement

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In 2020, we announced our first global sustainability goals to address the environmental and social impact of our operations, supply chain, products, and people.

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Our Mission and Purpose

Our purpose, mission, and values serve as our north star, guiding us on our journey to make a positive impact on the world.

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