Kontoor Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with Water Saving Achievement at Wrangler® and New Sustainability Goals for Lee®

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Apr 22, 2020 Feature Story

Earth Day is more than a singular day of celebration each year. It’s a global movement for change. And today, as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in the midst of a global health pandemic, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting our planet.

At Kontoor, our commitment to sustainability is part of everything we do – from how we develop new products, to how we manufacture, source and distribute items, to the energy and resources we use in the process.

Our brands, Wrangler and Lee, are leading important initiatives to drive positive environmental and social changes. Today, we’re proud to share that those actions are resulting in meaningful progress for our consumers and our industry:

Wrangler® Surpasses Global Water Goal with More Than 7 Billion Liters Saved Since 2008

Water is not only essential in the production of jeans, but it is also essential to local communities and future generations. Recognizing this, the Wrangler brand committed to saving more than 5.5 billion liters of water by the end of 2020. Due to the dedication and ingenuity of our teams, Wrangler has already surpassed its stated goal of saving more than 5.5 billion liters of water by the end of 2020. As of today, the brand has conserved more than 7 billion liters of water in the production of denim since 2008. That’s equivalent to the daily drinking water needs of almost 4 billion people.

As the brand looks ahead, Wrangler plans to introduce a new water conservation goal later this year, working with supply chain partners to further prioritize water savings and treatment.

Lee® Announces Global Sustainability Goals

Building on its recently launched global sustainability platform, For a World That Works™, the Lee brand recently announced its first-ever global sustainability goals. The new goals include a focus on advancing sustainable practices in materials and operations. By 2025, Lee will:

  • Power 100 percent of all owned and operated facilities with renewable energy;
  • Utilize more than 50 percent sustainable synthetics;
  • Source 100 percent sustainably grown or recycled cotton; and
  • Increase Indigood™ dyed products every year.

For decades, Lee has provided timeless quality and style for consumers. With the brand’s new sustainability targets, consumers can expect more from Lee – including sustainable, innovative apparel solutions.

Kontoor is taking action to build a stronger and brighter future.  Doing so aligns Kontoor’s environmental and social actions with our pledge to consistently do the right thing. Today, and every day, we encourage others to join us in a commitment to preserving our planet.