Form Follows Function for Wrangler® ATG™ Mix Material Shirt

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Aug 14, 2020 Feature Story Tags: Innovation, Wrangler, Product

For the team behind the ATG by Wrangler outdoor line, function and versatility are paramount. From pants, to shirts, to outerwear, the entire collection reflects a story that caters to the outdoor lifestyle and state of mind. With ATG gaining momentum in the market, we spoke with Danny Brisby, Wrangler Design Director, to explain the thought and design that went into the Men’s Mix Material Shirt.

“The ATG line takes a minimalist approach to design, even on the smallest details,” says Brisby. “Everything is function-first.”

Brisby goes on to explain a few other details that make the Mix Material shirt so unique:

  • “This shirt is for a warmer climate so it has the breathability and the UPF factor, protecting you from the sun. We believe this shirt is for the casual hiker or backpacker – someone doing more than sitting by a campfire.”
  • “There's a zipper pocket on the chest where you can put a phone, maybe your IDs, or some cash. If you're a true outdoors person, maybe that's where you keep your compass or a map.”
  • “We thought through every detail to make sure every inch of fabric served a purpose. For example, there is a little piece of microfiber on the inside of the shirt that’s just big enough to wipe your sunglasses or your phone screen with no smudging.”
  • “There are also hidden features, like a subtle vent on the back yoke that lets out heat and keeps your back cool.”

Form Follows Function for Wrangler® ATG™ Mix Material Shirt