Putting the “Go” in Cargo: A Glimpse Behind the Design of the Versatile Women’s Cargo Leggings from ATG by Wrangler®

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Jul 21, 2021 Feature Story Tags: Innovation, Product, Wrangler

Building on the momentum of the All Terrain GearATG by Wrangler® outdoor men’s line, global design director Danny Brisby and team knew they had to extend the same function, comfort and versatility to their women’s line of outdoor wear. From a design perspective, the team realized the women’s ATG by Wrangler® line had the potential to be the kind of lifestyle wardrobe that allowed for comfort outdoors, but also for working at home or the office. This garment versatility also allows for leaving work and beginning the weekend without stopping to change clothes for anyone active and on the go.

“This line isn’t just for rock climbing, you can wear it in your everyday life,” said Brisby. “But it's also going to be there for you when you take that trip, or when you go out to the woods. We focused on things like windbreakers and different knit-type products – everything from performance t-shirts to fleece-type material."

But first and foremost, Brisby knew one garment in particular should be the cornerstone of the women’s ATG by Wrangler® line launch.

Enter the women’s Cargo Legging.

We spoke with Brisby and his team to get their thoughts on the hard work that went into making the ATG by Wrangler® women’s cargo leggings a perfect fit.

  • “There is a trend of women's leggings having multiple dropping athletic pockets. So, we wanted to create the secure version of that pocket, hence the zipper.”
  • “We heavily researched and shopped all the fabrics that were out there, and then began searching for our own. I’m confident we picked the right fabric.”
  • “The fit is extremely important. We wanted the legging to come up to bellybutton height but become something you could fold down if you wanted to wear it lower.”
  • “The dual-sided cargo pockets are not only functional but authentic to the Wrangler brand.” – Meghan Horton, Global Designer, Wrangler