Catalyzing Sustainable Growth by Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Aug 02, 2021 Feature Story Tags: Inclusion and diversity, Culture

On May 24, 2021, Kontoor Brands hosted our first ever virtual Investor Day to elaborate on the progress and future focus for the company and our Lee® and Wrangler® brands. Kontoor executives and leaders spoke to key initiatives designed to drive sustainable, long-term growth for the company’s stakeholders – from category expansion to design innovation and sustainability to talent and culture.

During the event, Jen Molinaro, VP of Global Talent, discussed the importance of cultivating a diverse, inclusive culture for growth at Kontoor. Because we know that purpose-driven companies truly embed purpose in every action, aiming to leave an enduring impact on people’s lives.

Increasingly, we’ve found that employees, candidates, consumers and shareholders are looking to engage with companies that help them achieve their purpose and goals – and that is what Kontoor’s purpose is all about.

Our purpose, mission and values aren’t just words on a page – they’re what define Kontoor Brands as a company. Our purpose (the reason why we exist) drives what we do (our mission) and how we operate (our values). We weave these foundational concepts into everything we do.

In her presentation, Jen discussed how amplifying purpose impacts business outcomes: “Authentic purpose-driven companies on average produce higher market share gains and grow three times faster than their competitors.” In the case for Kontoor, this has translated into market share gains for both our Wrangler and Lee brands. According to a global engagement survey conducted in October 2020, Kontoor earned an 87 percent engagement favorability among employees, indicating they are proud of the company they work for, plan to stay with us and would recommend working at Kontoor Brands to others.

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