Kontoor’s Summer Interns Reflect on Their Experiences

By: Brooklynn Needham, 2021 Corporate Communications Intern Aug 17, 2021 Feature Story Tags: Kontoor, Workplace, Culture

This summer, Kontoor’s 2021 Internship Program welcomed 25 interns from six states and three countries. Working across many departments and disciplines, the group had the opportunity to collaborate with a global network of professionals while working together as one team on key projects.

The internship program included weekly interactive seminars to learn about different roles and functions within Kontoor and opportunities to connect directly with Kontoor’s Executive Leadership Team. Having the chance to engage in thoughtful conversations with the company’s senior leaders made me feel like a valued part of the company.

Each intern had opportunities to showcase our skills and leadership. Not only did we engage in individual projects, but we also had group projects as well. We presented our work to our managers and senior leaders. It was rewarding to share our ideas directly with Kontoor’s leadership team, which made our collective voices feel heard.

Throughout the summer, there was also time to break from our daily routines to get to know our fellow interns. Between baseball games, meet ups and biweekly yoga classes, there were plenty of opportunities to network with my fellow interns.

While most of our internships were virtual, we still felt connected and part of the workplace culture. I felt a sense of community, despite meeting through a computer screen much of the time. I’m thankful that the Kontoor team was collaborative and always willing to lend a hand.

My summer internship really helped me understand how a large, global, publicly traded company operates. But rather than speaking on behalf of my summer interns, please read some of their personal experiences here.

Connor McDermott
Talent Management Intern

"I got to spearhead and organize the creation of a virtual new employee welcome video project. We created an onboarding video from various departments where they discuss their team and responsibilities. This was interesting to work on as I had the opportunity to learn a lot about other departments."

Gaelyn MacGregor
Merchandising Intern - Global Outdoor

"I would say one of the most meaningful parts of my internship was getting a well-rounded view of the duties of Global Merchandising and the Retail Visual Marketing team at Kontoor. One of the more interesting opportunities was taking notes on a presentation of our Fall 22 ATG line being pitched to our global partners. It was an incredibly unique and valuable experience to get to be a part of a global presentation."

Selina Kim
Internal Audit Intern

"I've met a lot of great people through the internship. A lot of people you meet in the business want to help you succeed and get you to where you want to be. Sparking a genuine conversation with anyone can truly provide you with a connection for future career opportunities. I appreciated all the simple and genuine conversations."

Demetrius Liyongo
Patterns Intern

"About a month into the summer, I was at my desk expecting a regular day at the office, when my manager informs me that we were going to take a trip down to the archives. I got to see some of the craziest vintage Wrangler and Lee garments and merchandise from decades ago! I'm talking legitimate racing crew jumpsuits, 70s pants you'd only see in a movie, and children's clothing that made me realize I was kind of underdressed from ages 2-5. I also got to meet Wrangler’s VP of Global Design, Vivian Rivetti, which–as a fashion designer–is a pretty big deal!"

Kowshik Saha
Technical Research Intern

"I have several memories from my time at the internship. The Greensboro Grasshoppers game night was memorable as it was first time in a baseball game. I really enjoyed working with the Innovation team as they continually explore new trends, fabrics and materials to help develop the future of apparel."

Jvotsna Gopinath
Sustainability Intern

"I've learned a lot about the components of the denim supply chain as well as problem solving, big-picture thinking and the importance of communications skills. I will surely take what I have learned into my next chapter."