Kontoor Employees Participate in a ‘Redressed’ Event, Creating a (Literal) Ton of Good

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Dec 06, 2021 Feature Story Tags: Sustainability, Community, Employees

In Kontoor’s Hong Kong offices, you can now measure employee impact by the ton. As part of our continuing commitment to supporting our communities and protecting the planet, a dozen employees volunteered to sort over 2.5 tons of clothing as part of a ‘Redressed’ Sort-a-Thon event.

As a brand sponsor of both the clothing collection and sorting event, Kontoor worked as a team with other supporting companies to sort donated clothing into four categories: reuse, resale, recycle and as a last resort landfill (less than 4% of total donations). In the lead up to the event, an impressive 460 pounds of used clothes were donated from the Hong Kong office to the Redressed used clothes campaign, which is part of a larger Hong Kong based environmental charity, Redress, that is working to find solutions for unwanted clothing.

“Thank you to our employees who helped source and sort clothing as part of this important initiative with our partners at Redress,” said Willie Poon, Business Operations Director, Kontoor Brands.

“Implementing sustainable practices across our enterprise and within our communities is a priority for our organization and we look forward to more opportunities to prevent and transform apparel waste in our environmental footprint,” added Saurabh Mandal, Senior Director, Kontoor APAC Supply Chain Operations.

In addition to supporting our communities, Kontoor is committed to helping create sustainable change through three key strategic pillars; People, Product and Planet. Learn more about how sustainability influences everything we do.