Kontoor’s Summer 2022 Interns Reflect on Their Experiences

By: Hite Merrifield Aug 12, 2022 Feature Story Tags: Kontoor, Workplace, Culture

This summer, Kontoor Brands welcomed thirty-six interns spanning 17 different universities. Working in 13 functional areas across the company, interns worked directly with industry professionals at Kontoor, gaining experience within their fields of study and beyond.

To ensure exposure to all facets of Kontoor’s global business, interns participated in weekly Lunch and Learn seminars where the group learned about different roles and functions within Kontoor, while also connecting directly with senior leadership. Having intimate discussions with senior leaders in the company made us feel valued and seen as a an important part of the company.

Throughout the ten-week program, interns were able to showcase their skills individually and collectively as a group. Not only did the interns complete their own set of individual projects, but they also collaborated in groups to complete a summer-long project that was presented to a panel of senior leaders at the end of the program. These group projects covered a variety of key industry topics, such as social media, sustainability, and social issues.

While a lot of intern connection happened within the office, we also had the opportunity to get to know each other outside of work. Going bowling, watching a Grasshoppers baseball game, and an ice cream social helped us get to know each other on a more personal level and further appreciate the varied backgrounds of our fellow interns. 

While operating in both remote and in-person environments, interns got to see first-hand how a true and functional hybrid schedule operates. I found value in this work as I had time to discuss challenges directly with my coworkers in person while also having the ability to work from the comfort of my home. I am grateful to Kontoor for embracing a home/work life balance.

My summer internship allowed me to apply my current skills and learn new ones, while also gaining insights into my interests for when I enter the workforce. Rather than speaking on behalf of my fellow interns, please read some of their personal experiences here: 

Malachi Gilbert (Denim Aesthetic Intern)

Malachi Gilbert (Denim Aesthetic Intern) “Overall, I had an amazing time, and I learned a lot. I got to run trials for an innovative new idea. I also had some time to be creative and work on some of my ideas while learning about the development of denim washes.”