Kontoor Brands Reduces Water Required in Denim Manufacturing Process One Mill at a Time

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Feb 14, 2023 Feature Story Tags: Sustainability

According to estimates from the United Nations Environment Programme, around 2,000 gallons of water are used to grow cotton and deliver a pair of jeans from field to closet. Kontoor Brands wants to change that.

Through the Indigood™ Facility Validation Program (“The Indigood Program”), Kontoor is measuring and encouraging textile mills across the globe to adopt tailored water-saving technologies. The Indigood Program measures, validates, and reports textile mills' freshwater consumption and recognizes and honors the corresponding achievements (Bronze, Silver, Gold – water savings). More importantly, the Program increases awareness and encourages mills to become more strategic and creative with their water conservation solutions versus adopting certain process specific water-saving technologies, allowing the mills to choose options that are right for their facilities and future ambitions.

“At Kontoor Brands, we believe companies have a responsibility to use resources wisely, drive sustainable innovations, and preserve and protect the planet,” said Dhruv Agarwal, VP, Sustainability, Innovation, & Development, Kontoor Brands. “Through The Indigood Program, we are encouraging and rewarding mills that are prioritizing and advancing water stewardship, bridging the gap between sustainability and sourcing and driving the industry toward a cleaner and less wasteful future.”

Since launching the program in Fall 2021, Kontoor Brands has partnered with more than 30 mills across the globe to measure and validate their freshwater conversation claims. The validated mills are prioritized by Kontoor’s sourcing teams to drive forward the organization’s commitment to conserving 10 billion liters of water by 2025.

And while this is an important step forward for Kontoor, these mills also supply other global apparel brands. Prioritizing the adoption of The Indigood Program as global standard in water savings validation, provides an opportunity for the entire apparel industry to take a significant step toward in improving freshwater conservation efforts and reducing the industry’s impact on our planet and our future.