Picturing Diversity in Kontoor’s Photo Studio

By: Tim Rogers / Kontoor Feb 20, 2023 Feature Story Tags: Employees, Workplace, Black history month

Photo Studio Manager Embrie Beamon and Photographer David Spencer understand the importance of creating a culture of inclusion and diversity. 

“We definitely try to pride ourselves, and I try to pride myself as a manager to welcome anyone who comes in here,” says Beamon. “It doesn't matter where they're from, their race, or their religion. We want to make sure that they're comfortable because after they're comfortable, they have fun, they produce good imagery, and we have a good time and we get our work done.”

“I'm proud of being a Black woman and being a leader here,” she adds. “When I first started, I wanted to see more Black women and Black men in leadership roles. Now that I do. And now that I feel like I'm in one, it's very uplifting.”

Spencer agrees that Black representation matters in all areas of the company.

“Our models will come in and say, it is so great to see a person like you shooting me,” he says. “ I love to support my race. I love to let people know that I'm in this position and I just wasn't handed this position. I worked hard for this position and I'm planning on keeping it.”