Kontoor Grows Internship-to-Employment Pipeline

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Feb 22, 2023 Feature Story Tags: Employees, Workplace

An internship is always a good way for young people to gain valuable work experience, network, and get a foot in the door. Sometimes it can even lead to full-time employment.

That’s what happened to Demetrius Liyongo, Henrietta Raven Stanley, Brooklynn Needham and Sarah Lowe, who recently turned internships at Kontoor into fulltime jobs.

“I feel like in my own experience, this company has done really well with allowing me to accelerate and move up by working with me in the terms of my skills and how I can best benefit the team,” says Stanley, a Lee men's design associate for the denim team.

“If you're going to look out for your career, you need to take those opportunities when they come,” adds Liyongo, an associate technical designer for a Wrangler modern men's. “When there's something out there waiting for you, go out and grab it.”