Black Opry Gives New Growth to Wrangler’s Roots

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Feb 25, 2023 Feature Story Tags: Employees, Workplace, Black history month

For Terell Peters, Wrangler brand marketing coordinator on the Western business, Wrangler’s new collaboration with Black Opry makes perfect sense.

The collective group of Black artists that started as a @BlackOpry Twitter account, recently formed a year-long collaboration for Wrangler — a partnership that Peters calls “a match made in heaven.”

“We’re basically taking a pillar of Wrangler, which is country music, and weaving in another thread with Black Opry,” Peters said. “It feels like of like they’re becoming part of our family.”

The partnership is also showing how Wrangler can leverage its DNA to expand into new markets in an organic way, Peters said. “Over the next five years I just want to see our efforts for diversity and  inclusion to grow even more,” he said. “Black Opry is a great step, and I think we're on the right track, but I would love for partnerships like this to be something that we're doing continuously.”