Proud to Call Greensboro, North Carolina Home

By: Kontoor Brands News Team May 23, 2019 Feature Story Tags: Community

Kontoor Brands origins are rooted in Greensboro, North Carolina, a city that was central in the development of America’s textile industry in the 1900s. It’s also the birthplace of the Wrangler ® brand, which emerged from the Hudson Overall Company in Greensboro in the early 1900s.

Today, in this city of nearly 300,000 people, it’s home to Kontoor Brands global World Headquarters and a number of other offices for the company. These include design offices for both Wrangler and Lee®, the global Innovation Center and the company’s Service Support Center.

“Kontoor Brands is proud to have more than 900 associates working and living in the Greensboro area,” said Scott Baxter, President & CEO, Kontoor Brands. “As a large employer in the area, we are committed to helping fuel the economic future of our city and contributing to new opportunities for long-term, sustainable growth.”

World Headquarters

The building located at 400 North Elm Street is the center of the Kontoor Brands’ global business. Often referred to as “400 North,” the four-story building in downtown Greensboro along with 335 Church Court, which is adjacent to 400 North, is home to nearly 600 employees. Kontoor’s executive management team, the Wrangler® and Lee® brand headquarters and leaders from across the company’s core business functions - including Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources and Public Affairs - are located here.

Revolution Mill

Located just north of downtown Greensboro, is Kontoor’s office at Revolution Mill, a historic textile mill. The space houses the company’s global merchandising, design, product development and innovation teams.

The 43,000 square foot space features open, collaborative workspaces. Once part of the first flannel mill in the southern United States, the space includes original maple floors, oversized windows, exposed brick, high ceilings and modern amenities, bringing to life the company’s desire to embrace the tradition of the apparel industry while pushing the industry forward.

“Revolution Mill has a rich history in the textile industry and our community, so it’s fitting for this to be part of our company’s origin story,” said Vivian Rivetti, Vice President, Design, Wrangler. “We are one of dozens of businesses operating on the campus, which creates positive energy and inspiration for us to produce our best work and support our purpose.”

The mixed-use property also includes 45 acres of commercial spaces, residences, restaurants and studio space. There’s a fully-equipped gym and yoga room and art galleries.

Service Support Center

Southeast of downtown Greensboro, sits the Service Support Center (SSC). The Center houses operations including prototyping, testing and laundry services in addition to key functions such as IT, logistics, engineering and facilities maintenance.

Kontoor Brands believes that thriving communities enable thriving employees, and the company is committed to helping create the infrastructure and environment that will give its employees and the city opportunities to attract and retain the best talent to the area.