Fit for the Job: Kontoor Brands’ 2019 Summer Interns Leave Their Mark

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Aug 13, 2019 Feature Story Tags: Workplace, Culture

“New” is the word used frequently in the halls of Kontoor Brands.

New company.
New products.
New opportunities.

That’s no different for our new internship program that welcomed its inaugural class this summer. At Kontoor, we are proud to offer an internship program for college upperclassmen that provides a holistic experience—one in which interns learn all aspects of the apparel industry.

Interns are embedded in departments across the company, but they are able to learn about the different areas of the business through “Lunch & Learn” seminars focused on areas outside of their core discipline. Throughout the summer, the internship experience included ongoing mentorship, leadership discussions and group projects that culminated in an end-of-summer presentation to senior executives.

Hear firsthand from some of our interns, as they explain how their experiences will shape their futures—and ours.

Lillian Lopez—on finding growth through versatility.
Project Management Intern, Global Innovation

“I always thought my future would only consist of work done in labs, but after working here for eight weeks, I’ve been able to explore so many other areas. I’m proud of being able to quickly learn a new software—and presentation skills. As an intern [at Kontoor], your input is valued.”

Corey Fullmore Jr.—on establishing your career in the right environment.
Merchandising Intern, Wrangler® Youth Boys

“I feel as if Kontoor is the best opportunity for a college student interested in the apparel and fashion industry. It’s a company with established brands but also newly independent. They are growing quickly, which gives you the opportunity to grow with it. It was a lot of fun, but also there were times where it was incredibly challenging. That’s the whole purpose though. Now that my internship has ended, I feel well-equipped to continue pursuing my path forward.”

Sarah Gabel—on seeking work that benefits others.
Science and Conservation Intern, Sustainability

“Not only am I working to improve internal processes, I’m working to help our customers proudly wear sustainable products which express their sense of fashion. Before interning at Kontoor, I had yet to consider the apparel industry as a sector in which I saw myself working. After my first week at Kontoor, I realized how much of an impact the apparel industry could have on our planet by moving in a sustainable direction.”

Cassidy Burel—on expressing yourself through your craft.
Pattern Making Intern

“The apparel industry is a place where I can be creative and express myself. Kontoor Brands has not only equipped me with the skills to produce any type of garment, they’ve taught me what mass production looks like for a successful company. Being surrounded by women who are beyond intelligent and nothing short of inspiring has taught me to work harder than I ever have before. That is a drive I’ll carry with me wherever I go.”

Kristen Rivas—on sharing your voice, no matter your level.
3D Design Intern

“Apparel helps people express themselves without the need for words, and being able to take part in that excites me. I’m most proud of myself and my group for our company internship project, where we were able to share our ideas with senior executives. If you want to be a part of a community that welcomes curiosity, then Kontoor is the right place for you.”


Interested in joining our ranks of talented interns, or searching for a new opportunity? Take a look at our careers page to find your perfect fit.

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