Fixing a Forest for Future Generations in the Czech Republic

By: Kontoor Brands News Team Nov 13, 2019 Feature Story Tags: Community, Sustainability

Kontoor employees in the Czech Republic recently participated in the country’s massive effort to plant trees, restore a forest landscape, and take a bite out of the bark beetle problem in the region. Around 60 employees and their families participated in the “New Forest” event, which saw nearly 31,000 participants in total across the Czech Republic planting 162,000 seedlings, clearing brushwood, and learning from forest educators about the nature surrounding them. 

In recent years, the Czech Republic has been hit by an onslaught of tree-destroying bark beetles in Central Europe due to a combination of drought and climate change, leading to widespread reforestation efforts. Kontoor employees were determined to meet this challenge.

“This year, when a bark beetle calamity appeared, I knew that I would like to help somehow,” said Martin Kukačka, who helped coordinate Kontoor Employee’s participation in the event. “My family and children, ages 4 and 7, also participated in the event. It was very important for them to know that the woods are an essential part of the Czech Republic landscape and that we need to care for them.”

In 2 locations across Czech Republic, Lee® and Wrangler® employees joined together during the weekend to help make the world a better place as part of their annual community service project.

“I am really happy that our company supports community work, and especially this event related to the environment, nature and our forests,” said Jaroslav Heinrich, Systems Supervisor. “We exceeded participation numbers from our DC office this year, it was wonderful. It’s our duty to leave our forests as nice as possible for the next generation.”