Take Care of One Another

By: Scott Baxter, President and CEO, Kontoor Brands Dec 06, 2019 Feature Story
Editor’s note: The following post was originally shared by Scott Baxter, CEO & President of Kontoor Brands, on LinkedIn earlier today. Follow Kontoor Brands on LinkedIn and Twitter for official company news and updates.

As 2019 comes to a close, like you, I’m working to establish my vision and expectations for 2020. This includes time for reflection and planning for key initiatives in the year ahead.

During this season of contemplation and commitment, I’ve resolved to “show up to take care of others” like never before, starting with my family, Greensboro – the city I call home, the communities in which Kontoor operates, and, of course, the thousands of hard-working employees at Kontoor Brands around the world who count on me every day to lead with inspiration, passion and clarity.

The need to take care of each other is at the center of Kontoor’s culture. It’s one of our core values. “We stand for each other, our consumers, customers, partners, shareholders, community and the planet.” In short, we’re all in this together.

We strive to take care of each other in many ways: by giving respect and offering support. By sharing insights and expressing our thanks for a job well done. By asking for help and understanding another’s perspective. By identifying challenges and forging solutions. By showing empathy, a powerful way to engage in meaningful interactions with others. By knowing that failure is sometimes the basis for success and, perhaps most of all, by listening more than we talk.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in our new journey as an independent, public company and of the long-standing and deep connections that our iconic Wrangler® and Lee® brands have with communities around the world. Now as one global company, we will harness those relationships to make each day a little better, while inspiring others to do the same. It’s what leaders are supposed to do. 

The year ahead and those beyond hold exciting promise for Kontoor Brands and what we can achieve together when we “show up to take care of one another.”

Let’s get started.