Inclusion and Diversity

We Are Kontoor

At Kontoor Brands, our purpose is to be the common thread that inspires people to live with passion and confidence. To be the common thread, we all must come together – one stitch at a time…just like the products we make.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or how you identify, we’re all cross-stitched together at Kontoor.

"Inclusion & Diversity are ingrained in our values. We are one team that embraces our unique differences. We do the right thing, even when it’s hard. And we win together. By putting Inclusion & Diversity at the forefront of everything we do, our people thrive and our business benefits."

- Scott Baxter
  President and CEO, Kontoor Brands

I&D Strategic Priorities

Standing for Inclusion & Diversity isn’t enough. We must take action. We’re setting measurable goals for how we will drive change and detailing actionable plans for how we will get there.

Workplace Belonging

Workplace Belonging


We will foster a culture of inclusion and respect that encourages collaboration, flexibility and equity to ensure all employees feel heard, valued and empowered to reach their full potential.


Launch inclusivity training for all global employees in 2020, with 100 percent of senior leadership completing an intensive training program in 2021.

By end of 2020, launch an engagement survey to establish a baseline for culture, sentiment, and inclusion measures and areas of improvements.

Workforce Diversity

Workforce Diversity


Recruit, retain and promote from a diverse, group of candidates to increase diversity of thinking and perspective.


Increase gender representation at Director level and above from 35% to 50% by 2030.

Increase U.S. BIPOC from 38% to 50% by 2030.

Increase U.S. Black representation from 11% to 16% by 2030.

Sustainability & Accountability

Sustainability & Accountability


Identify and breakdown systemic barriers to full inclusion and equity by constantly evaluating and improving our policies, practices and processes.


We commit to annually sharing our progress towards our inclusion and diversity objectives.

Marketplace Equity

Marketplace Equity


Drive Inclusion & Diversity through brand marketing, images, and messaging.


By end of 2020, conduct a marketing audit of brand content, including online and in-store collateral, and other marketing / advertising initiatives to establish a baseline for inclusion measures and areas for improvement.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to learn from and celebrate the different experiences, passions and perspectives of our employees, consumers and customers all over the world. To achieve the culture that we aspire to become, Inclusion & Diversity must be represented in our every action - in how we speak, engage, think, act and operate.  We hold ourselves and each other accountable to continue to take action at Kontoor, and in the communities where we work and live, so that we truly become stronger together."

- Jen Molinaro
  Vice President, Talent Management, Kontoor Brands

Demographic Data

Driving change starts with providing transparency in where we are in our Inclusion & Diversity journey today. We commit to sharing annual updates with our progress toward our strategic priorities and objectives.

Global Gender

Pie Chart of Gender by percent

Global Gender by Level

Bar charts showing gender breakdown by position in company. Chart one position is Senior Manager and below. Chart two position is Director and above

Race & Ethnicity (U.S.)

Pie chart of Race and Ethnicity by percent

Our People

Margarita Pasakarnis

3D Designer, Kontoor Brands, North America

"The end result [of virtual design] is a garment that fits true to size and exactly as we intended."

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Matt Janes

Wrangler® Marketing Director, EMEA

"I’m absolutely obsessed with everything that’s going on in the office. Our creative ideas are primarily internally bred within the team. We’re our own little mini-agency."

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Julieta Franco

Quality Manager, Kontoor Brands, Mexico

"When I see people on my team growing within the company and contributing to our business, that's when I feel really good. It goes back to one of Kontoor’s core ...

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Arketa Fairley

Ecommerce Merchandise Manager, Kontoor Brands, North America

"There’s a healthy competition amongst the teams…however, we all come to work as one team and all opinions are welcomed. I’m comfortable speaking up because it’s like being part of ...

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Employee Resource Groups

At the center of our commitment to evolve and grow our company and workplace culture are our Employee Resource Groups (ERG). ERGs at Kontoor are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster diversity of thought, build community, and provide support for professional and personal development. These communities drive initiatives that employees identify, own, and execute with peers across the global Kontoor network.

  • LIFE: The LIFE (LGBTQ+ Inclusion for Everyone) employee resource group is focused on celebrating, promoting and advocating for LGBTQ+ employees at Kontoor and within the communities in which we operate.
  • DNA: The Diversity Networking Association (DNA) is focused on creating a culture that embraces our differences, nurtures and attracts a diverse employee base and guides our brands to ensure we are meeting the needs of all consumers.
  • ELM: The Emerging Leaders Movement (ELM) at Kontoor is committed to ensuring inclusion and diversity is embedded throughout all layers of the organization with an emphasis on advancement and proportionate representation.
  • KNEW: The Kontoor Network Empowering Women (KNEW) connects, supports and empowers women throughout the organization with a focus on providing career and personal development opportunities for all.
  • KBeFit CREW: Focused on inspiring Kontoor’s employees to pursue healthy lifestyles, with a focus on fitness, work-life balance and personal and professional development.
  • GREENDIGO: Promoting Kontoor’s commitment to sustainability, Greendigo encourages employees to implement opportunities to infuse a sustainably focused mindset into all aspects of Kontoor’s business operations, workplace and communities in which we operate.
  • FATHERS: Helping to gather, encourage and equip the fathers of Kontoor Brands to lead their families with character, strength and honor.

Our DNA ERG recently hosted an event for employees in honor of Juneteenth.

Community Engagement

We are committed to supporting Inclusion & Diversity efforts in the communities where we live and work, including our hometown of Greensboro, N.C. We're looking to expand and strengthen our engagement with local organizations, and to identify meaningful partnerships with organizations that share our values and our mission to drive inclusion and understanding in our community.

Greensboro, N.C. is not only home to Kontoor’s global headquarters, but it’s also home to the International Civil Rights Museum. The museum is located at the site of the first sit-in in the U.S., where four black college students sat down at a whites only lunch counter to stage a non-violent protest against segregation. Kontoor’s Diversity Networking Association (DNA) ERG, along with members of our Executive Leadership Team, hosted tours of this important institution for employees.

Voting is the cornerstone of a healthy democracy. Yet, we recognize that there are many barriers to casting a ballot, particularly for minority voters. Our DNA and KNEW ERGs partnered to offer informational sessions to ensure our employees are registered and know where and how to vote. In addition, Kontoor has joined the Time to Vote movement, a non-partisan, business-led initiative designed to demonstrate the importance of voter participation and to increase voter turnout in the Nov. 3, 2020 general election.

Every fall, the Kontoor Network Empowering Women (KNEW) ERG sponsors a Breast Cancer Awareness event. Last year, in addition to hosting speakers and providing informational handouts, the group mobilized approximately 100 employees to join in a symbolic walk around the neighborhood, holding posters to honor or celebrate the memory of people close to them that have fought breast cancer.

To help young women see the potential of their career path, Kontoor’s Diversity Networking Association (DNA) ERG hosted an event with middle school to college aged girls from local youth leadership organizations. Kontoor’s female leaders shared their professional journeys and answered questions about the girls’ career aspirations. Participating organizations included Leadership LINKS, Girls to Queens and The Queen in You.

Kontoor’s Diversity Networking Association (DNA) ERG hosted a business fair with local black-owned businesses. At the fair, the businesses shared information about the services and products they offer. The event gave Kontoor employees the opportunity to network with our fellow Greensboro community members and to support local businesses.

Other Initiatives

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

In addition to inclusion learning programs launched in 2020, we will introduce a mentorship program and launch regional I&D book and movie clubs to continue our focus on dialogue and empowerment. In 2021, we will introduce an I&D career and development initiative that offers new tools and resources to help empower each employee to reach their potential.



We will continue to strengthen our diversity pipeline and succession candidates for leadership positions. We are also working to increase hiring manager awareness and accountability to continuously challenge bias in the interview process.  We commit to strengthening and expanding our relationships with local HBCUs.

I&D Council

I&D Council

This fall, our Executive I&D Council will convene its first quarterly meeting, where it will review ongoing progress in support of our I&D initiatives, and will ensure accountability for progress across our global organization.

Leadership Accountability

Leadership Accountability

As part of every leader’s annual performance plan, we will embed and emphasize I&D goals and competencies, reinforcing accountability across our organization.

Systemic Accountability

Systemic Accountability

We will review organizational and systemic policies and practices to ensure inclusion and equity for all employees.

Serving Underrepresented Voices

Serving Underrepresented Voices

We will continue to support local community organizations through our volunteerism and engagement efforts.


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