Ethics & Whistleblower Information

Our Ethics and Compliance Program was put in place to educate all Kontoor Brands employees about our stance on ethical business conduct. Our goal is to ensure that all employees have the necessary tools available to report questionable conduct and feel comfortable doing so without fearing retaliation.

For more Ethics & Whistleblower information, please visit our Ethics page.

General Inquiries

For General, PR and/or Brand inquiries regarding Kontoor Brands, please visit our Contact page.

Communicating with the Board

The Board of Directors believes that management speaks for Kontoor Brands. Individual Board members may, from time to time, communicate with various constituencies that are involved with the Company, but it is expected that Board members would do this with knowledge of communication procedures and, in most instances, only at the request of management.

Below is an overview of our communication policy. To view the full policy, please download our Communication Policy.

What's the appropriate method of communicating with the Board?

Communications to the Directors must be in writing and sent via Certified Mail in care of Kontoor Brands' legal department to Kontoor Brands' headquarters address.

Am I owed anything after sending a communication?

Kontoor Brands' acceptance and forwarding of a communication to the Board or any member, or members, of the Board does not imply that the Directors owe or assume any fiduciary duty to the individual submitting the communication, all such duties being only as prescribed by applicable law.

What kind of communication is not appropriate to send?

The following types of communications are not appropriate for delivery to Directors under these procedures:

Communications regarding individual grievances or other interests that are personal to the party submitting the communication and could not reasonably be construed to be of concern to stockholders or other constituencies of Kontoor Brands (such as employees, members of the communities in which Kontoor Brands operates its businesses, customers and suppliers) generally;

Communications that advocate Kontoor Brands' engaging in illegal activities;

Communications that, under community standards, contain offensive, scurrilous or abusive content; and

Communications that have no rational relevance to the business or operations of Kontoor Brands.

What should I provide along with my communication?

All communications must be accompanied by the following information:

If the person submitting the communication is a stockholder, a statement of the type and amount of shares of Kontoor Brands that the person holds;

If the person submitting the communication is not a stockholder and is submitting the communication to the non-management Directors as an interested party, the nature of the person's interest in Kontoor Brands;

Any special interest, meaning an interest not in the capacity of a stockholder of Kontoor Brands, of the person in the subject matter of the communication; and

The address, telephone number and e-mail address, if any, of the person submitting the communication.

Who manages the communication I send?

Kontoor Brands' legal department shall designate one or more of its personnel to assume responsibility for receipt and processing of communications to Directors.

Who reviews my communication?

Our General Counsel or Legal Department will review all incoming stockholder communications (except for mass mailings, product complaints or inquiries, job inquiries, business solicitations and patently offensive or otherwise inappropriate material) and, if appropriate, route such communications to the appropriate member(s) of the Board or, if none is specified, to the Chairman of the Board.

What happens after I submit a communication?

The personnel responsible for receiving and processing the communications shall review each communication to determine whether:

The communication satisfies the procedural requirements for submission under these procedures; and

The substance of the communication is of a type that is appropriate for delivery to the Directors under the criteria set forth in paragraph (3) above.

What happens if my communication doesn't follow the requirements?

If a communication does not conform to the requirements of these procedures, the communication shall be returned to the person submitting the communication, together with a brief explanation of the defect(s).

If a communication is not presented to the Directors because the personnel responsible for receiving and processing the communications deems that it is not appropriate for delivery to the Directors under these procedures, that communication will nonetheless be made available to any Director who wishes to review it.

How can I communicate with non-management directors?

In most cases where stockholders wish to communicate directly with our non-management directors, messages can be sent to:

c/o Corporate Secretary, Kontoor Brands
400 N Elm St
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401

The Kontoor Brands Ethics Helpline, an independent toll-free service: 1-866-492-3370 (US); for other countries or to report online, view Kontoor Brands Ethics & Compliance (available seven days a week, 24 hours a day)