Kontoor Brands Announces Its Forest Derived Materials Policy Designed to Minimize Impacts on the World’s Endangered Forests

GREENSBORO, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kontoor Brands, Inc. (NYSE:KTB), a global lifestyle apparel company, with a portfolio led by two of the world’s most iconic consumer brands, Wrangler® and Lee®, today released its first Forest Derived Materials (FDM) policy, which sets formal standards for the company’s purchasing and use of sustainable forest materials and products. The policy strengthens Kontoor’s commitment to responsibly sourcing materials throughout its global operations and supply chain.

“Taking action to help preserve the world’s endangered forests is a must. Doing so aligns Kontoor’s environmental actions with our pledge to consistently do the right thing, including standing for the planet we share,” said Scott Baxter, President and CEO, Kontoor Brands. “Our FDM policy requires us to promote and advance sustainable forest-based products, and we are also placing a priority on alternative fiber sources. This is table stakes for any good business around the world and is the beginning of our journey to advance efforts for this important cause. We encourage others to join us, and we look forward to partnering with the many respected organizations and stakeholders who have already begun this essential journey.”

Kontoor’s forestry policy covers the sustainable and responsible use of forest products, to avoid the issues associated with deforestation and forest degradation including the loss of ancient and endangered forests, loss of biodiversity and habitat, use of forced labor in making forestry products and loss of indigenous peoples and local community rights.

The policy prioritizes the use of products derived from raw materials with minimal impact on forests and forest habitats, including an emphasis on certified-sustainable sources, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials. To ensure continued progress, Kontoor is committed to reducing virgin material use and increasing the use of materials with recycled content, while also seeking innovative material solutions including alternative fiber sources such as agricultural residues.

As a global producer of millions of products each year, Kontoor Brands is committed to working with NGOs and relevant stakeholders to ensure a continued evolution of its FDM policy. As part of that commitment, Kontoor is actively engaged in the CanopyStyle initiative, which works with over 170 leading apparel brands to eliminate all ancient and endangered forest fiber from their products.

"Kontoor is helping drive forward the retail industry’s commitment to large scale forest conservation and climate solutions,” said Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director, Canopy. “Two of the world’s most iconic brands are now part of this global movement to transform their supply chains to ensure the protection of the world’s forest and the people and animals that call them home.”

Learn more about Kontoor’s sustainability practices and responsible sourcing standards at KontoorBrands.com/sustainability.

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Kontoor Brands, Inc. (NYSE:KTB) is a global lifestyle apparel company, with a portfolio led by two of the world’s most iconic consumer brands: Wrangler® and Lee®. Kontoor designs, manufactures and distributes superior high-quality products that look good and fit right, giving people around the world the freedom and confidence to express themselves. Kontoor Brands is a purpose-led organization focused on leveraging its global platform, strategic sourcing model and best-in-class supply chain to drive brand growth and deliver long-term value for its stakeholders.

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